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Pushing fan experience to the next level with Fan of the Match!

With Fan of the Match, your fans can participate in a game and quiz using their own devices. This unique and interactive tool increases fan engagement, visitor experience and enables commercial opportunities. 

We developed several games to decide who will become the Fan of the Match. Play by yourself, in teams or against the opponent. We offer the tool in a customized format and design, completely in line with your club’s identity. Furthermore, we can adjust the tool to your specific needs and requirements to make sure that you can create the ultimate fan experience! Fan of the Match can be integrated into an existing application.



"The Battle"

Bringing the traditional TV quiz to the stadium. Let the fans participate individually in the quiz, which includes match, club or sports-related questions. Eventually, one fan will be named the Fan of the Match!

1. Who are you?

Let us know who you are. 

2. A unique welcome!

We will welcome you in a unique way. 

3. Play the game

Play! The smartphone is the remote for the fans.  

4. We have a winner

Optional: estimation questions to determine the winner

5. Leaderboard

Results are presented on all screens, share the results on social media. 


"Team Up"

Team up with your grandstand and play against fans in the other grandstands! Which grandstand wins the title of Fan of the Match? 

Step 1: Registration

Fans select their current grandstand and subsequently, they see their teammates on their screen. 

Step 2: Play & Score

Cheer together, play together, win together.

Step 3: Final Results

 Which grandstand receives the title of Fan of the Match?!


"The Knockouts"

Finally, to determine who the Fan of the Match is in the winning grandstand, an estimation question can be included. Alternatively, a knock-out game can be played where a wrong answer eliminates you immediately, and a correct answer sends you to the next round. Who will be the last Fan standing?


Get in touch

If  you are interested in Fan of the Match please contact us. We would like to talk to you about the opportunities that Fan of the Match offers!

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