Pre-match quizzes

Qurrent is the proud sponsor of Feyenoord Rotterdam. Feyenoord was in search for an interactive tool to engage fans even more in the upcoming season 2018/2019. Together with Feyenoord and Qurrent Fan of the Match developed a state of the art quizzing platform.


Instead of the classis IQ test we developed the FQ-test; the Feyenoord Quotient Test. FQ furtermore symbolizes the partnership between Feyenoord and Qurrent. Before every match in the Dutch Eredvisie an online knowledge competition could be played between fans.


Weekly battles

Every week 6 questions and their upcoming opponent could be anwered via the quizzing platform. 5 multiple-choice questions and 1 estimation question were defined to make sure we could get a winner. Multiplechoice questions have an introduction image and 3 answer possibilities. Together with speed you could score a certain amount of points per question. The estimation question was of course answered via an open text field.

Examples of questions are: How many goals did Robin van Persie score in his first year for Feyenoord? The more you diverted from the actual answer, the less points you score.


At the end of the FQ-Test you willl see your personal score. Scores are measured in FQ-points. GIFs of the Feyenoord players were used to support the scores. Low scores were presented with disappointed players, high scores with players celebrating goals!


FQ-scores were also represented in a leaderboard. The leaderboard was divided in a weekly score, as a period score and an overall score. High scores were rewared with awesome prizes. Furthermore Fan of the Match developed sub-leagues, in which you can invite friends and family to compete with.